It's SOLD OUT (yes!), but just so you know: we're on Sydney Harbour this Saturday 14 November for a fundraising cruise and concert. This is sure to be the boat that rocked. Proceeds to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. 'For those that come across the seas...'





Hamish Richardson

Musician & Co-founder of MUDsingers, Mollymook

"Along with the didg and bagpipes, gospel music has always lifted my spirits and struck an elemental chord somewhere deep in my chest. There's just something about it. I've spent most the last 15 years touring overseas with the mongrel minstrels, BROTHER, but come the start of 2007 it was time to be home. That was a huge lifestyle change, but then out of the mists emerged the choir.

Singing with this mob has been a delightfully different experience and has filled any musical gap I might have otherwise felt. For me, goose bumps on stage with BROTHER was always the indication we were somewhere magical. I get goose bumps at almost every choir rehearsal - and i haven't missed one!"